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Tuesday, 19 December 2017


                                    GOOGLE ADSENSE!

In the world of modernization, INTERNET played a vital role. Internet networks have always been the main component in developing the mankind. Without Internet, I think not a single work can be done now a days. Internet employed many people who was unemployed but had talent and obsession with the work. Many people who are employed because of Internet network and working under their seniors while many wanted to be their own boss and started to work for themselves. Two major sources of income through Internet which many people are using are: Blogging and Youtube. It is not that much easy to earn through Blogging and Youtube, they need to get approval from the advertising company to MONETIZE their account, so that they can earn money. The advertisement company provides them advertisement and the account holder earns money from that and when it comes to earning money online, GOOGLE ADSENSE is one and only king in the market. Be it Blogging or Youtube, ADSENSE is one of the best advertiser. Today, I will discuss about Blogging.

Getting approval for ADSENSE is not that easy task. It takes lot of efforts by the person to get approved by ADSENSE. We have to write quality content and it has to be posted in a regular interval to get approved by ADSENSE. Many people ask about the solution of the problems related to ADSENSE, so without wasting much time... Let's get started!


i) Why is my account is not getting approved by ADSENSE even after posting so many quality content?" 
See, GOOGLE is a techno-giant and a master in business strategy, so they never want to bring their reputation down in the eyes of some big advertisers. So in order to maintain their reputation, GOOGLE verify Bloggers account very strictly. You might be knowing that in some regions like, India, China, and south-east Asian countries, GOOGLE made it compulsory to have a blog which is 6 months older. By doing this, they verify if the respective account is spam or not as the south-east Asian regions are very densely populated so most number of spam activities are found in these regions only. In order to get verification easily than earlier, you should purchase a domain name from some of the best domain networks and post some 20-25 quality post and then apply for ADSENSE. I can't say that chances of getting approval is 100% but it will definitely increase your chances from 5% to 70%. What you are actually doing after purchasing a custom domain is giving a sign to GOOGLE that you are not a spammer and are serious about your blog. If somehow, GOOGLE verify your ADSENSE account request without purchasing a custom domain, then consider yourself to be very lucky person.

ii) Why Ads are not showing on my website?
As mentioned above, GOOGLE is a master in business strategy and has very good reputation among the big advertisers. So even after approving your website, GOOGLE verify it again to confirm your website nature. GOOGLE's first verification are done by their bots and second(which is very hard to pass) are done manually, so if you get verified for the first time by ADSENSE and just after that you will put ads on your site then it will be of no use. GOOGLE will disapprove your account even after the first approval and your ads will be removed again. So that's the problem you might face. But keep on trying because dream can't be achieved in a single day. :)

iii) Why Ads are not showing on my website even after second approval?
GOOGLE is known for its ease and providing their users a very good support. They delay to provide ads to the website owner because it takes time to analysis the niche(topic) of the website and provide ads according to content of the blog. By this method, GOOGLE ADSENSE provide content related ads which increase the chance that visitors will click on the ads of the website. As a result, the owner of the website will earn more money per click. ADSENSE takes upto 2 hours to 1 week of time to analyse the website content. In fact, my ads are not active yet because of the analysis algorithm which GOOGLE use. 

iv) Can I use ADSENSE after ADSENSE detects invalid traffic on my website?
First of all, if you don't know about Invalid traffic then click here: SUPPORT.
Now coming to the topic. Many bloggers who are new to blogging and publishing the ads make mistakes. Usually, after getting the ADSENSE approval new bloggers get excited and they just copy the ad code and paste it in their website. After placing the ads, some spammers click on their ads many times and GOOGLE bots consider it as a spam and block their ADSENSE account.Almost 6 out of 10 bloggers suffer with this problem. Every problems have solution, so here is the solution. After GOOGLE blocks your ADSENSE account, go to the support page. There you will find the troubleshooter link, click on that and fill the form. Please try to explain each and everything in details as much as possible. You need to explain them that what really happened. After submitting the form, they will check your site and you will get reply after 2-3 days. Generally, GOOGLE allows their publisher to publish the ads, but they will never allow you to publish the ads if you will click on the ads by yourself. So be cautious!

v) Can I use one GOOGLE ADSENSE account for multiple website?
Well, I have to say that if there is one thing on which GOOGLE is liberal then this is it. Personally for me, I think that GOOGLE is not that much strict for their publishers. We just have to take approval from GOOGLE for one website and can use that one account for other websites too. So, work hard for the first approval and then enjoy it by publishing the ads on your other website. Its like fill the pot with water and drink it for lifetime.

So, these are the common problems which everyone ask related to GOOGLE ADSENSE and leave themselves in trouble or we can say in confusion. 
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