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Saturday, 9 December 2017


We are the living creatures. We, animals, many small organisms like bacteria, virus and many more. In fact, we (Human) are also an animal. The only difference is that we are the most advanced one. Nature made us as a most advanced and intelligent creatures on the Earth. Being a most advanced creatures on the Earth, we think that whole nature is ours and we already did too much destruction to the nature, and we will continue to do so. There were not a single second when thought of any other creatures or our nature just because of our arrogance towards other creatures and arrogance towards the nature. Now after doing these much destruction, we are heading towards one more destructive imagination, which we called AI! AI is the short form of Artificial Intelligence, which means the intelligence displayed a machine. Everyone think that AI is good, but very few know what will happen just after we will succeed in developing the 50% intelligence of what we have. Consequences are very high that destruction is near, so to know it in details, let's get started!



As I described earlier, AI is an intelligence which is displayed by a machine. In easy words, we can say that AI is a software that gives machine a power to think by itself according to the conditions. Like we all human can think and react according to the given conditions, in the same way machines can react to the situations in their own way. This is called AI. We have God-gifted intelligence which we use in our daily life and we are trying to develop the same intelligence for the machines which we have. We can say that we are trying to become a GOD, which is good to some extent but if we will make a small mistake, then results will be opposite to our imagination.



 The human intelligence (which generally all humans have, with little exception) keeps on increasing day by day. We (human) keep on learning by our mistakes and increase our intelligence day by day. Take our life as an example, right from our birth, we can not even imagine that how many times our intelligence multiplied. We started from '1' and right  now we reached to a new height. I considered '1' here, because anything which is multiplied with '0' becomes '0'. So we must have little much intelligence when we take birth, that's why we keep on learning some new thing again and again. In the same way, if we will develop an AI of very high intelligence, then it will also start learning as it get old. We all use smartphones, and they supports 'AUTO' brightness adjustments. They are nothing but a small example of simple AI. Isn't it crazy that a physical box(mobile phones) which comprised of glass(display), plastic, steel(buttons) and wood(circuit) knows how to react in high light and low light? Man!!! They are not a human being but still can make their own decision. Since now, they are in developing period but still leave a deep impact on us. We can not even imagine their thinking capacity when they will be fully developed. Another example we can take is our own 'Assistant', like Google Assistant, Bixby, Siri, Alexa. We all have used them and you may not have noticed their intelligence capacity. Just after we ask them a certain question, they provide us the next best possible question which we might think.
Here, you can easily see the reply of Google Assistant. When I asked "Which is the fastest: Snadragon or Exynos", it replied with the exact answer and also provided the link to the best possible question which any human will think.

Now one of the risk of developing an AI is its use for bad purpose. If anyone like an unethical hacker use it, then it can prove to be very destructive. Many sci-fi movies like Avengers-Age of Ultron, Transformers series, Terminator are based on the theme of AI. If the developing will progress at this rate, then all the incidents which were shown in the movie will become true. Like we all human have some basic goals in our life, in the same way all the machines will have the goals in their life period. Like we all human wants to rule and become rich, they will also attain the same goal of becoming the rich and rule the world and they don't have to worry about anything because they will develop all the armors according to their need. They will be able to develop their identical and will increase their population to the last limit. The main problem which will arise is that there will be no feelings in those machines, so they won't be affected by our requests or emotions. Now after these all incidents, if somehow we human will manage to remain alive, then there will be a war between human and all the machines and it is obvious that they will win because they don't have any lifespan like we human have. It simply means that they will never die irrespective of their energy supply.


Now the question arises here are:
i) Why there is a need of AI, if we have so much of risks?
ii) If our scientists will able to develop high level AI, will those machines be remain alive forever?
iii) If Nature has provided us our unique identity which is our INTELLIGENCE, then what is the need of losing our single uniqueness?
These are the questions which always hit my mind whenever I think about existence of Humanity! We will suffer because of the easiness we want to achieve in our lifestyle.

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