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Tuesday, 21 November 2017


Earlier this year, SAMSUNG launched one of the finest and powerful devices ever, the GALAXY S8 and S8+. The camera, the AMOLED QHD+ screen, the futuristic design with the new infinity display were an incredible stuffs that only SAMSUNG can make us experience. SAMSUNG, I think this name is not a brand. Its an emotion itself. The way they make their customers busy with their new innovation and technology is really appreciable. One of the best compliment for SAMSUNG is their love and support to their customers. They treat all of us as if we belong to their family. Also, we never keep SAMSUNG mobile phones out of the race of smartphones for too much time. Whenever there arise a single thought in our mind that a new smartphone with new innovative technology arrived, SAMSUNG let us memorize the facts that they are the best in smartphones and no wonder why they occupied the international market since last 2 decades, and they are still doing so and hope they will continue to do so.

Now since, IPHONE X and ONE PLUS 5T are the two latest flagships available in the market since October, many of us focused on these smartphones and not on SAMSUNG S8 or Note 8. But now, they are planning big. They are focusing on GALAXY S9 for the next year. The concept in bringing the S9 is nothing else, but to bring a revolutionary change in the smartphone market with some innovative ideas. The main focus in on the on-screen fingerprint scanner. GALAXY S9 will be the first ever smartphone to do so, if SAMSUNG will make it possible. As we have seen for the first time in GALAXY Note 8, when SAMSUNG introduced dual camera setup for the first time in their smartphone. Yes! I know SAMSUNG were too late to introduce dual camera setup to their smartphone, but SAMSUNG led it to perfection. The optical zoom and the portrait mode on Note 8 is something we can't forget. They showed us their true potential and capability in camera.
galaxy s9 The rumoured design of Galaxy S9. 

There are many talks about the display of the SAMSUNG GALAXY S9 that it will also be the infinity display (edge to edge display) and YES! Of course, it will be. Why will any company will introduce the home button on the screen of their device in the generation of bezel less phones. It means that we will get Super AMOLED screen with ultra HD resolution. Now the term "RESOLUTION' takes the excitement level to infinity. The excitement is all about the pixels per inch. We have seen a whopping pixel density in the SAMSUNG GALAXY S8, S8+ & Note 8 having pixel density of 570, 529, 521 respectively. So it will be very interesting to see how much resolution will the GALAXY S9 will offer. 
 galaxy s9
It is also confirmed that SAMSUNG is going to change the fingerprint sensor location, as in this year SAMSUNG flagships, the fingerprint sensor location were quite difficult to reach. Also the touchwiz UI will be more lighter than this year UI. This will also become one of the major factor which will affect the mobile phone speed. This will help in improving the speed of the device.

Few days earlier, the news about GALAXY S9 became viral on the social medias and on the all tech sites. According to that news, the SAMSUNG GALAXY S9 scored highest score in the Antutu benchmark among all the Android smartphone, beating GALAXY Note 8 and One Plus 5T. So we can now say that 'A BEAST IS ON THE WAY TO DESTROY THE MARKET".

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