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Sunday, 26 November 2017


SAMSUNG! SAMSUNG! SAMSUNG!... We can't just get rid out of this name. Seriously, this name is not a name or brand, its an emotion itself. The emotions of millions and billions of people and a techno giant. After the leaks of GALAXY S9, it is confirmed that SAMSUNG is planning to do something really big. Although they are not going to bring something innovative this time, but, they will enhance the performance of their devices, as they did this year. Don't forget that NOTE 8 with Snapdragon 835 processor defeated APPLE best till date, Iphone X. The difference in the time between these two would have been more if we would have taken Exynos 8895 instead of Snapdragon 835. Now, SAMSUNG had cleared that they have pre-booked Snapdragon 845 processor for their US model of Galaxy S9. Also, they are going to power Galaxy S9 with their new Exynos processor. Apart from all these, it seems that they are going to launch Galaxy X next year with FOLDABLE screen.


According to reports, I am 70% sure that SAMSUNG will launch GALAXY X next year. Like this year, SAMSUNG first launched GALAXY S8 & GALAXY S8+, next year also SAMSUNG will launch GALAXY X as their premium flagship phone. Personally, I don't think that SAMSUNG will face many difficulties in making FOLDABLE SMARTPHONES. I think so because they are the manufacturers of AMOLED screen and they don't have to invest too much in buying the display panel, like ONE PLUS, APPLE, GOOGLE do. Also one of the main reason to use AMOLED panel is that it can be folded or can be made curved. Like we have seen in the case of GALAXY S7 EDGE & GALAXY S8 or GALAXY S8+. We all know that AMOLED panel uses pixel to display the images or videos on the screen. So it is easy to curve it because even after curving the pixel present on a certain area will also get curve along the panel. But in case of LCD panel, if we curve the display then the light which is produced by diode may get blocked due to curve and will be very difficult to display the images on the screen. In simple words, take a single thin flexible wire and cover it with strip of transparent plastic. Now consider that plastic as a screen and that flexible wire as a light ray which is produced by a diode in LCD panel. As the wire is flexible, so we will try to bend it as if we are curving the LCD panel. After this, we will observe a vertex from where the wire has been bend. We all know that the light travels in straight path, so that vertex will obviously stop the light to reach the plastic sheet which lies after the vertex and thus the picture and videos will not be displayed on the screen. But in the case of AMOLED panel, if we consider a plastic sheet as a AMOLED screen, then the micro particles which is present in the plastic sheet will act as a pixel. In
AMOLED screen, every single pixel emits light, so even if we fold the plastic sheet, the micro particles on the plastic sheet will not be left apart from the sheet. Thus even after folding the AMOLED panel, we can get all the pictures or videos as it is displaying on the normal screen. In this these screen works. Sorry! It became too long. Coming to the main discussion!

As explained above, only AMOLED screens can be used as a folded one. SAMSUNG planned big to launch GALAXY X. The main thing to worry about is that the GALAXY X will be manufactured in very less unit and is expected to have approx $1500-$2000 price tag at the time of launching. foldable phone

It seems to be too much expensive for many smartphone users. This mobile phone will definitely be the revolutionary production in the mobile phone industry. Till now, we all are satisfied by the products SAMSUNG. It is not yet confirmed about the operating system of GALAXY X, may be it will run SAMSUNG own OS TIZEN or it may run on Android 8.0. More chances are of Android 8.0 because SAMSUNG will never take this big risk in their premium and revolutionary smartphones. This year they provided us their best and I hope that next year will be the same too. Hope it increases your excitement!
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