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Wednesday, 29 November 2017


Since few days, GRAPHENE battery has become a new talk in the market. Now you will ask why this is so? Again my answer will be SAMSUNG! Yes, as earlier I mentioned that we can't keep SAMSUNG out of the news for too long and yet again I proved to be right. SAMSUNG  is working on GRAPHENE battery to power their future smartphones. The fast charging technology is available on ANDROID smartphones for many years. One PLUS launched their fast charging technology and named it in their own style, i.e. DASH CHARGING. The 20 Watt charger available with ONE PLUS 5T and ONE PLUS 5 is something we can't get rid off. It was impossible for me to believe that ONE PLUS 5T took  only 1:10 hours to charge itself to 100%. But as I have seen it in front of myself during the battery charging test, I forced my eyes and brain to believe on it.
one plus

The fast charging which is available on SASMUNG GALAXY NOTE 8 is not as fast as ONE PLUS 5T, but a point to be noted that SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 8 has 15 Watt charger which is I think 1 or 2 Watt less than the charger capacity available on Google Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL. I mentioned Google Pixel 2 charging capacity here because in spite of being more powerful charger it charged Pixel 2 slowly than Note 8. Now moving to the SAMSUNG GRAPHENE battery concept.


graphene structure

The GRAPHENE is a matter and is a part of Carbon family. It is one of the long aromatic molecule available in the C-family. The most amazing fact about GRAPHENE is its strength. In fact, some of the professors talk about it that picking GRAPHENE in our hand is like picking up a sheet of atoms. So we can imagine its strength by this statement only. Another reason why SAMSUNG is using GRAPHENE in their battery is because of its conductivity. The GRAPHENE has hexagonal lattice structure which is known to have the longest "mean free path" of any known material. Since mean free path is the average distance in which an electron can travel freely without any obstacles (in atomic level), so it is obvious that electron can travel the longest possible path in its full velocity. This helps in the origination of more flow of current through the material and results in better conduction of current. GRAPHENE also has the highest current density (about 1 million times than that of copper) at room temperature and highest intrinsic mobility (about 100 times more than in SILICON). It conducts electricity in the limit of no electrons which means that it can carry more electricity, offers more efficiency at much faster rate than any other matter will offer. Other astonishing fact is its transparency, transparency means that it absorbs only 0.02-0.03 amount of the total light. It means that you need a black paper or clothes to clearly observe GRAPHENE. No! But that does'nt mean that the material inside the future battery will be invisible. The thermal conductivity of GRAPHENE more than the DIAMOND and you won't believe but in spite getting stretched upto 20% of its length, GRAPHITE is more harder material than the DIAMOND. No wonder, why it will accelerate the SAMSUNG device charging speed by 5 times than it is now. The thermal conductivity of the material will help the battery to get charged more quickly and the hexagonal lattice structure and higher current density will help the battery to offer more efficiency and power at the same time because of the more velocity at which electrons will flow.

If everything will go alright, then it is expected that we will see SAMSUNG devices with GRAPHENE battery. While other companies are busy in launching dual sim smartphones with a tag of so called "INNOVATION" SAMSUNG is developing something which is eco-friendly, consume less energy and provide more efficiency.

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