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Friday, 10 November 2017


                         LOOK INTO THE FUTURE!

SAMSUNG started to provide AMOLED in their smartphones from 2011, or we can the first company to provide AMOLED screen. Their aim was to bring revolution in the mobile display and I think they did their job excellently. As SAMSUNG is the company to have AMOLED patent, so they are looking forward to bring full screen futuristic phones. As per the resources, they will launch S9 next year in February with nearly bezel-less design, just like S8, S8+ and Note 8. AMOLED screen can be made curved which helps SAMSUNG to bring edge to the corner of the mobile phones. The profit SAMSUNG will experience of having the AMOLED patent is to invest all their money on the design and research for the technology in their phone. Unlike Apple, they dont have to give millions and billions of dollars to other companies. Apple used OLED panel in iphone X which is manufactured by SAMSUNG and the stats says that SAMSUNG is going to earn more money by selling OLED panel to iphone X than by selling their flagships like S8 or S8+. We can easily understand the loss which apple will suffer just because they do not have AMOLED panel patent. But fortunately, this is not happening with SAMSUNG. They are their own boss. Lets see the stats. According to analyst, Apple will sell over 130 million iphone X in the next two years and SAMSUNG is going to make $110 per iphone X sold which will give SAMSUNG more than $14 billion. On the other hand, SAMSUNG will make about $10 billion, which is $4 billion less than the profit SAMSUNG will earn through iphone X. This shows the loss Apple is suffering.Galaxy|Samsung


SAMSUNG is looking towards their future design of the smartphones. Like they present us S7 edge with edges; S8, S8+ and Note 8 with an infinity display.  They are looking forward for launching Galaxy S9. It is expected to come with on-screen finger print sensor. SAMSUNG already booked all the Snapdragon 845 chips which is manufactured by qualcomn. It might happen that SAMSUNG may power their smartphones by their home-made Exynos processor. SAMSUNG already did an excellent job in optimisation section. Earlier all the customers were complaining about RAM management and apps optimisation in SAMSUNG smartphones, but after S8+ and Note 8, it seems they fixed this problem. I have'nt mentioned S8 because after using S8 I found that RAM management and apps optimisation is still lacking a bit. But I am pretty much sure that Samsung will not repeat their mistakes as they did earlier. SAMSUNG will launch S9 with 4 GB of RAM, which is similar to S8 but will be more optimised. S9 will come with android 8.0 out of the box, which is the latest android version available and will be upgradable to android 9.0. Battery is supposed to be 3500 mAh,but it is not quite sure. 
galaxy note 8

I think we all are a fan of SAMSUNG great AMOLED screen and their smartphones futuristic designs. SAMSUNG never disappoint us with their smartphones. Also the rumours are there, that S9 may comes with dual camera of 13 MP with f/1.6 aperture. It will record 4k videos at 30 fps and 1080p videos at 240 fps and will support live focus. Seems like a great camera is on the way. 

Hope SAMSUNG will make all these rumours as reality. If they do, then a new beast will arrive in the market.
So that's all for now.

Be updated for the curiosity!!
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