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Friday, 17 November 2017


Yesterday ONE PLUS launched their another flagship device, ONE PLUS 5T. ONE PLUS 5T has a bezel-less design, with edge to edge display. After removing the home button or we can say touch ID from the front of the device, (like it was in ONE PLUS 5) ONE PLUS had taken their mobile phone designs to another level. Honestly, the ONE PLUS 5T design looks great. It looks like a device from the future. It reminds me of SAMSUNG GALAXY S8. Yes, Galaxy S8 design is best till date, but in the market, I think that there is only one smartphone which can compete with S8 in terms of design and that is S8. We can't talk about Note 8 here, because Note 8 is already far ahead of these two in terms of design. We might get these types of design in the smartphone in 2021;)! Just after the moment, when ONE PLUS 5T stepped into the market, I rushed to get a new smartphone just to provide you an honest and detailed review about the device. So lets get started!


Now I must admit here that ONE PLUS 5T is beast when it comes to performance. I think it is the only device in the market that can defeat Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Although in the speed test, ONE PLUS 5 came first with little margin by defeating Note 8, but as I experienced, ONE PLUS 5 becomes slow after a month or two. So in my Galaxy Note 8 is the fastest smartphone in the
market. Also, ONE PLUS 5T is outstanding in handling the several tasks and provides you some excellent multitasking experience. ONE PLUS 5T 8 GB of RAM and its SNAPDRAGON 835 processor helps in opening the apps in lightening fast speed and provides excellent multitasking experience. Also ONE PLUS clocking their previous device(ONE PLUS 5) to 2.2 GHz, but this time they increased their clocking rate too much. This time ONE PLUS 5T clocking at 2.45 GHz. This is really insane! 
Now, its really sad to observe that the software which used to be the KING in terms of OS, is losing its crown since last year. We are talking about IOS. But leave this talk for another day.
one plus 5t

Also as I mentioned earlier, Iphone X is the fastest mobile in the world, but on paper only. But in the real life test, Note 8 beats it. Now lets move on to camera!


As expected, ONE PLUS launched ONE PLUS 5T with dual camera like ONE PLUS 5. The dual camera helps to get some excellent portrait mode shots and helps in getting the more depth in the photos. I used this camera and it delivered some great shots. I will provide their samples in the last of the discussion. The 16 MP and 20 MP rear camera is something we can't ignore without going into it
in details. ONE PLUS has done excellent job in processing the images. As there are two differenct camera lenses of 16 MP and 20 MP, the image processing software plays a very important role. In these types of camera, software processing plays a more important part than the camera lenses. The f/1.7 aperture on both the camera makes it even better. Also it comes with EIS, which Google used in
their Pixel 2. In the front, we get 16 MP camera with f/2.0 which delivered me excellent low light shot. I can not tell confidently whether this camera is better than Note 8, Iphone X or Pixel 2 cameras or not, but I am sure it is better than many other mobile phones which sell their mobile in the name of camera expert. I can't give a sample of front camera, as I'm shy! Jokes apart, this mobile is worth buying if you want an excellent camera in less price.


A big 6" Super AMOLED screen with 1080 x 2160 pixels resolution having 401 ppi density will be an excellent experience for any mobile phone lovers. The display of this device is worth every single penny you spend on it...AND...If we consider a battery, we can't neglect the battery performance provided by ONE PLUS 5 and so I expected very much with ONE PLUS 5T. And I am happy that ONE PLUS 5T did'nt let my expectation down. I am very much addicted to games and uses mobile phones very roughly. For me, this mobile lasted till 3 PM in the evening after charging my mobile in the morning at 7 AM. Also how can we forget the fast charging of ONE PLUS 5. Similarly, ONE PLUS 5T also supports fast charging. As ONE PLUS use dash charging technology, so it is slightly faster than what we get in Note 8. My ONE PLUS 5T charged upto 100% in 1 hour 10 minutes approx. It gave me very excellent experience in terms of battery. Moving to other daily utilities, the main thing is the headphone, which they did'nt remove even after giving bezel design. But do you know the main fact that some phones with huge bezels removed the headphone jack!

So overall performance of this device is very good. No issues are there in heavy multitasking or continuously usage of the phone. One more thing I want to clear that this phone does not overheat, the chipset and RAM management is too good that we don't have to worry about the heating issue. It is a must buy phone in so much less price. Also I don't expect any lag from this device because of its chipset and improvements. So if you ask me about this device, I will recommend it for sure. Its a complete package in this much price.

As I promised that I will give sample photos. Here they are:one plus 5t Here we can see that dual lens in ONE PLUS 5T helps in focusing the subject excellently.

 one plus 5t Yet again, the dual lens come to an action and focussing the subject excellently.

 one plus 5t In this picture, we can easily observe the details. This image covers a detailed view of each of the puppies.

one plus 5t In the is picture, focus is very excellent but that focus over exposed the background. I forgotten to switch into HDR mode, but you can use HDR mode if your background expose that much.

one plus 5t Here we come! This photo is the perfect example of this phone low light photography capabilities. Yes, I agree that the background is bit noisy but other than that everything perfect. Afterall its a mid range budget flagship device and not like $1000 device.
At last, you are the judge, you have to decide what is pros and cons of the camera.

Hope it helps!
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