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Saturday, 11 November 2017


                      ONE PLUS 5T

ONE PLUS 5T has been launched few days ago. It comes with 8 GB of RAM with 128 GB ROM. It is powered by SNAPDRAGON 835, so it is obvious that it will be lightening fast.
Now why I am posting this because in the latest GEEKBENCH SCORE, ONE PLUS 5T beats Pixel 2XL and Nokia 8. While operated with older version of Android than Google Pixel XL, ONE PLUS 5T still managed to score more than Google Pixel 2 XL. Both ONE PLUS 5T and Nokia 8 is operated with Android 7.0 and will get Android 8.0 later on.


Just a few days ahead of the official launch of Oneplus 5T, GEEKBENCH SCORES of the upcoming flagship have displayed online. Notably, these scores are very impressive and shows better processing power than the Pixel XL 2 and Nokia plus 5T
But here the point to be remembered is, all three comes with Snapdragon 835, but the difference is Pixel 2 XL have Android 8.0, which comes with more optimisation. Google promised that Android 8.0 will be more optimised than the previous one and will be more power efficienct. Also in the test, Android new version 8.0 beats Apple ios 11 in all the section, be it speed, power efficiency, optimisation. ONE PLUS 5T has 8 GB of RAM which might be helping it in optimising the apps more consistently. In the speed test, we observed that Pixel 2 XL was unable to keep all apps open in background. All the light weight apps were open in the background and the heavy apps like Subway surfers, Adobe photoshope got refreshed. 
pixel xl
Coming to Nokia, Nokia is known for its greatness. It is excellently optimised and have an outstanding RAM management. In the speed test, it gave tough competition to Pixel 2 XL and Note 8. However, we have'nt tested Nokia 8 with ONE PLUS 5T. We will test them soon. Now time to discuss the score. 

Altough, ONE PLUS 5T comes with 8 GB of RAM and beaten two  BEAST, Nokia 8 and Pixel 2 XL,but it failed to beat Galaxy Note 8. ONE PLUS 5T scored 1959 in single core score section and 6742 in multi core section, while Note 8 scored 1965 in single core section and 6483 in multicore. We can not say that ONE PLUS 5T completely lost the battle against Note 8 because ONE PLUS 5T scored more in multicore section. 
These was a on-paper scores and story and history says that there are always a huge difference in daily life mobile usage, as we have seen in the case of Iphone 8 which scored more than Note 8 in GEEKBENCH 4 SCORE but in the speed test it lost the battle to Note 8. 
Lets see what will happen in the speed test.

Thats all for now!
Be updated for the curiosity!!
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