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Monday, 6 November 2017


While in my last discuss, I told that iphone X is the only iphone after the death of Steve Jobs that won my heart. Having the most powerful chip A11 bionic, excellent apps optimization, good camera, and AR makes it a must buy smartphones for high budget customers. But the question is: Is it superior than Samsung Galaxy Note 8? Lets go through it!
You can get detailed information about Iphone X here- Iphone X


Iphone X comes with A11 bionic chip, which is the most powerful chip available in the smartphone, as claimed by Apple. On the other hand, Galaxy Note 8 comes with SD 835 and Exynos 8895 chips. In the US market, Note 8 is available with SD 835 variant while in other countries it is available with Exynos 8895 processor. Exynos 8895, which is manufactured by the Samsung itself seems to be more faster than SD 835. In the speed test done between SD 835 and Exynos 8895 variant, Note 8 with Exynos 8895 beat the Note 8 with SD 835.
In the speed test between Iphone X and Samsung galaxy Note 8 (with Exynos 8895), Iphone X seemed to be a bit faster in some apps only, while Note 8 beats it in many of the apps. Although the test was very competitive between the two, but what I observed that at last Galaxy Note 8 took the game away.


Samsung Galaxy S7 edge and S7 was considered as the best smartphone camera in 2016. It was highly rated camera at the time of launch. We can't neglect the camera of iphones. It is also the one of the best smartphone camera available in the market. Like Iphone X, Galaxy Note 8 also has dual camera. The telephoto lens in the iphone have f/2.4 apperture while on Note 8 it is available with f/2.2 apperture, which means that telephoto lens in Note 8 will be able to receive 40% more light than that of iphone. Also, the online voting organised by many tech companies and news channels, Note 8 clearly won over Iphone X. The low light images on Note 8 is something what makes it different from other smartphones camera. The main lens apperture in Note 8 is f/1.7 while on iphone X, it is f/1.8. The images clicked by Note 8 gives very detailed images as compared to iphone X. The OIS on Note 8 is more stabled than iphone X. Overall, if anyone will buy the smartphone for camera, then Samsung galaxy Note 8 is must buy phone.


Samsung has always been considered as best when it comes to screen, camera and new! How can we forget their screen in S7 edge, S7 and note 7? A super AMOLED screen which brings out deep black, rich, vivid and crispy colors used in Note 8, which is manufactured by Samsung. Apple purchased OLED screen from Samsung to use it for the first time in Iphone X. As apple also did a pretty good job in controlling the brightness and contrast of the colors in iphone X, but they can't match upto the level of Samsung. The maximum brightness in Note 8 is 1200 nit, which is almost double the brightness of iphone X.


Both the techno giants are known for their innovation and quality. But over the past few years, Apple tried to make a replicate of previous iphones. But Samsung continued to provide new features to their users. S-pen in Note 8 is something which can attract many customers, while iphone X have AR and animoji to go with. Both of the companies did very excellent job in bringing new stuffs in the market. We can't decide that which one is better in this field.


People always look after the cons. Not everyone search for pros. available in the smartphone. So we will only talk about cons in both the phones. 

Iphone X-

i) It is highly overpriced in some regions, like India, China. In India, it is available in Rs. 89,000 for 64gb variant and Rs. 1,09,000 for 128gb variant.

ii) Secured NFC- Here I mean to say that Apple again did a mistake by giving NFC which is available only Apple pay and not for file sharing.

iii) No expandable storage- While other companies are busy in providing large storage to their customers, Apple is still not providing expandable storage and comes with inbuilt storage of 64gb and 256 gb.

iv) No advantage of large screen- It is one of the major problem that the owner might face. We can not see the video in full screen. While you will play a video, about 0.5 inches from all the side will be left behind. This photo will describe it better!


i) Too large- At present, many users want to operate their phone with one hand, but this phone can't be reached with one hand to its corner.

ii) Finger print sensor- Many were complaining about the finger print sensor placement in Galaxy S8, but that was not a big concern. Unlike S8, Note 8 is bigger in size, so the finger print sensor which is located near rear camera can't be reached without using two hands.
There is nothing more cons. about Samsung Galaxy Note 8. 
If design of the phone is parameter, then Galaxy Note 8 is way much ahead of Iphone X. If you put Note 8 beside Iphone X, you can easily observe that Note 8 has the design of futuristic phone. Apple has also made an excellent design for Iphone X but they can't reach to that level.Beautiful designs and Bezel less phones..

If you like the phone with extra ordinary features, then you must go with Note 8. It has an outstanding speed, excellent app optimization, terrific camera, super AMOLED screen and the main highligh is their S-pen. And if you are in love with ios, then you should go with Iphone X.
Overall, we can say that iphone X is not superior than Galaxy Note 8. I find Note 8 as more superior than Iphone X (it is my personal opinion!).

Hope it helps.
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  1. Well...recently I switched iPhone 6s to S7 edge b'cause I love edges of s7 edge and incurably it has amazing SUPER AMOLED Display, camera and battery.I adore s8 as well as note 8.

    1. By far it is the best smartphone after S8 in terms of screen and camera.


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