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Thursday, 9 November 2017


Yes! You heard it right. Even after spending thousands of dollars, IPHONE X touch is not working. But wait... Let me clear it. Its touch is not working in cold temperature, as per the latest news is concerned. Some users reported that IPHONE X touch is not working. Fews days ago, IPHONE X was awarded the best display beating Samsung Galaxy Note 8. The user who reported, is a Reddit user. He is using a 256 GB IPHONE X and said that whenever I go outside, it becomes unresponsive. After seeing his complain post, many users also commented back about the same problem. They all belongs to the region where the temperature varies between 7 degree centigrade to 10 degree centigrade. This case is somewhat concerning because this range of tempreature is not an extreme condition for IPHONE X. Also, the region where temperature is dropping down to 7 degree in the month of November, you can expect the minimum temperature in the month of December, January and February to be -5 degree centigrade to -10 degree centigrade. Keeping this in mind, Apple has to look towards it.


Earlier the touchscreen used in the smartphone was resistive touchscreen, which used stylus to operate.  It works on the principle of pressure applied on the screen with the finger. We can also operate that screen by gloved hand. But now a days, touchscreen used in the smartphone is based on capacitive sensing technology. These types of screen use electric signals to get operated. It detects the the touch on the screen by electrical properties of the human body. This can be operated by very light touches of finger and does not work well after wearing a gloves because cloth is the poor conductor of electricity and thus electric signals cant pass through it. But what happen when we touch it by wet hands, because water is the good conductor of electricity. Well the problems remain the same. As water is the good conductor of electricity, so when we touch the screen by wet hands, the receptors present in the screen get confuses because of the errors caused in the capacitive measurement (These types of screens have some limits that upto which measurement of signals can make them work. This is known as capacitive measurements). Now the problems arises with these screens in cold temperature is same as the problem arises with screen when we touch it wet hand. Let me make it clear. The average human body temperature is 37 degree centigrade, so in the cold conditions when we touch these screens, the fogs (or cold gas) is present everywhere and therefore when we touch the screen, the temperature of the finger and the cold temperature convert the cold gas into small water particles. This act as a water and occurs problems for us.This picture can easily explain what actually happens at the time when we touch with wet hand.


1. Apple uses Li-ion battery, which can suffer the smartphone touch. So to prevent smartphone from touch problems, do not keep your phone in cold places for longer period of time. Instead, keep it in your pocket so that it can remain warm and ions in the battery will not be affected too.

2. There comes special gloves which can be used in cold temperature to operate phones. These gloves are bit expensive but it can let you to operate the mobile phones. 

Also you can these types of gloves by yourself. Click here to know how.

3. Whenever you take out your phones to use, make sure to rub the screen for few second. As you will rub the screen, the friction between your cloth and the screen will make it warm and you will not suffer. This will not last too long, but you can easily use your smartphone for 4-5 minutes.
So these are the reasons and solution for it.
I am sure Apple will fix this issue for IPHONE X. After all, IPHONE X is the most advanced and supreme mobile phone of Apple.

Hope it made you understand.
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