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Sunday, 5 November 2017


Iphone has been known for their innovations and security since 2007 when Steve Jobs launched the first iphone. Since then many iphones and ipad launched with ios software. But in the past 4-5 years, Iphone did'nt seem to give any new features to their users to use. If we keep ios stability and speed aside, there was nothing good in using the iphone since 2011. All the iphones came up with same design and with same strategy. Apple always use to give more features in their alternative series. Like they introduced more larger display in iphone7 plus than iphone 7, and they did same with the iphone 8 and iphone 8 plus. But, with iphone X it looks like they are coming back on track. 


I will say everything is new. I had never been an apple fan since the death Steve Jobs. I have always criticised it. But, this time I'll not. This time apple won my heart. Iphone X has A11 bionic chip, which is the fastest and most powerful chip available in the smartphone right now. A11 bionic chip has two high performance cores which is 25% more faster than A10 fusion chip, which was used in iphone 7 and iphone 7+. Also A11 bionic chip has 4 high efficiency cores which is 70% more efficient than A10 fusion chip. Overall A11 bionic chip is a six core processor. It has been seen that Iphone X had beaten Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in the latest battery test. Don't forget that Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has 3300mAh battery and Iphone X has 2716mAh. In the first 20minutes of the battery test, when both the phones were running Instagram, note 8 came down to 93% whereas the Iphone X remained on 100%. It was quite surprising as Samsung Galaxy note 8 beaten iphone 8 and iphone8+ in the battery test. This is enough to prove the power efficiency of A11 bionic chip. The AR (Augmented Reality) feature is the brand new feature present in the smartphone. (Seems like Apple had taken innovative word too seriously!) The power A11 bionic chip helps the mobile camera to know the colors, saturation, sharpness, and each and every details of the object before the photo has been captured and this helps in capturing the animated character in the mobile camera. Animoji is another new highlight of the phone. Again A11 bionic comes to action and helps camera to know the human face structure and the movement of the muscles of human face. 


What Apple did in September, they never did it before. I am telling so because for the first Iphone will be available to you with OLED screen. The OLED screen which is manufactured by Samsung, offers you great vivid, detailed and crisp picture quality. Apple did a pretty good job in maintaining the balance of the colors and prevented the picture quality to get over saturated. This bezel less beauty will not disappoint you. It is estimated that the OLED manufacturer Samsung will earn more profit by supplying OLED panels to Apple than their own flagships S8 and S8+. Also, if in case the display of Iphone X will get break, it would cost more money than the price of Iphone 7. Really an expensive deal!


Iphone X comes up with face ID lock. One disappointing thing that apple did is removing touch ID. Apple said that face ID recognition will recognise 30,000 different dots present in the human face. This face ID is not like the one present in Android smartphones. Android smartphone use 2D face recognition while Iphone X uses 3D face recognition. According to Apple, there is very less chance that the phone will be unlocked by another person, approx one in the million. This is the best security we can get on smartphones after Iris lock system.


As we expected, there's nothing changed in camera, expect the alignation of camera position. Earlier, it was horizontal but now it is vertical. In the back, there is dual camera which helps in portrait mode photography and it also have front camera of 8 megapixels with 2.2 aperture of lens. The only negative point about Iphone X camera is the low light photography. While Note 8 has f/1.7 apperture, Iphone X has f/1.8 apperture. This 0.1 difference in Note 8 allows Note 8 camera to receive 20% extra light than Iphone X. 


A big YEEESSSSSSS! Earlier I also had doubt about it. But now my doubts are clear. The processor, ios software, ios optimisation, security, camera, design and ease of use makes every penny worth buying this phone. If you are going to buy a mobile phone by spending $960-$980 , you must go for Iphone X by spending $20 more. Hope it helps and let you choose your smartphones.

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