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Sunday, 19 November 2017


Apple is always known for innovation. But for last 5-6 years, they have been repeating the same stuffs in their mobile IPHONE. I think after IPHONE 6, they have been continuing the same stuffs in their devices. If we leave the mobile processor and IOS aside, then we will find that everything is same in their all the models. Even the design is same or we can say replicate. In IPHONE 6 they provided us fiber back body while in IPHONE 5 they provided a steel back. It is quite difficult to understand why Apple removed steel from the back of IPHONE. I mean the steel metal is quite unbreakable and it suits best in the premium phones. Now after a 6 years of replication, they launched IPHONE X this year, with all the new features which are supposed to be available in the modern day smartphones. IPHONE X has glass back which is the most strongest glass back present in the smartphones right now, as claimed by Apple. But in the drop test we found that it is not durable enough. Also Apple used OLED screen for the first time. When all the world became familiar with OLED panels, they used it for the sake of innovation. I am sharing these all things with you because TIME MAGAZINE declared IPHONE X as one of the best inventions of 2017.



In the modern day smartphones, there are many smartphones which are futuristic in design, like Samsung Galaxy S8, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, LG V30 and in the era of these smartphones Apple continued their old trademark design of having huge bezels on top and the bottom with front mounted fingerprint sensors. But this time Apple did something different with the IPHONE X, by removing bezels off the mobile and fingerprint sensor. They introduced 3D face ID lock which is too much secure. It is quite different thing that it failed to impress many technical sites and reviewers because it is not working consistently. Also this face ID does not work in the direct sunlight. Now the main part of this mobile is its powerful processor, A11 BIONIC chip. This chip is the most powerful chip in the world even after being a hexa core. We must have to appreciate Apple for manufacturing this kind of powerful chip. We all know that the initial highlights of the new IPHONE X is its OLED screen and its power processor. We can't forget that bezel less design that Apple given to the IPHONE X, in which screen stretches from edge to edge, which gives an outstanding to the IPHONE X. While complimenting Apple for these kind of good stuffs, do they are doing justice with it?
I mean the main part of any smartphone is its display, which is manufactured by SAMSUNG and chip is only designed by Apple but made by different company. Don't you think that TIME MAGAZINE should have these tags to the initiator of the components of the device.
By the way congratulation to Apple for gaining this tag.

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