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Saturday, 11 November 2017


About one week ago, many websites considered IPHONE X DISPLAY to be the best display ever on the smartphone. They also stated that IPHONE X DISPLAY beats Samsung Galaxy Note 8 display. But from last few days, many customers are complaining about the IPHONE X display. They complained that during the usage of an hour, a green line starts to appear on the IPHONE X DISPLAY. Now this is really a point to be noticed. Apple must have to bring improvement to their device, and fix the issue. They used OLED screen for the first time, so that might be the reason for
this problem.Lets see, why this problem arises! Apple is expecting very much from IPHONE X and in this scenario, Apple will suffer a lot and they might not get the profit which they deserved. Apple will sell 130 million of IPHONE X in upcoming 3 years, and so they can have too much loss if this problem continues to occur. Techno experts often call this green line as 'GREEN LINE OF DEATH'.
  amoled pixels green


The green line on the screen makes it bad to observe. If it occurs on LCD screen then it might be a color generator problem or any thing else. But as Apple uses OLED display for the first time, so appearance of green lines on the screen is not that much simple as in the case of LCD screen. Since OLED screen uses pixel to display the images, so appearance of green line on the screen may be the problem of the pixels present on the screen. The display pattern on the IPHONE X is in a shape of diamonds. In OLED screen, pixels get activated when the current is supplied to it. So there might be the problem in the circuit which are allowing the current to pass through the pixels only. According to the reports, the green line appears on the side and middle of the screen, but they do not appears all the time. They appears all of the sudden. This kind of issue always comes out in devices that use several kinds of tech at a time. Remember the incident, when Samsung Galaxy S7 series suffered the same, but they suffered with pink lines instead of green. Because of the pixels based display, even if the error is too less (like 0.001%), the whole screen will be suffered because of it. One user stated that his phone was replaced at the Apple store, so it seems that it is not a software issue. It is a hardware issue, which a tech-giant like Apple must resolve. If you are IPHONE X user and suffers the same, then please do not take your phone to local mobile repair shop, they may make your IPHONE X display, a worst.

Hope Apple fix this issue as soon as possible!!
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