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Monday, 13 November 2017


Its been a long since we are having a talk about cellphones and other stuffs. In our life social media plays a very important role. Facebook, Youtube and Instagram are most famous networks among this. Facebook and Instagram don't let you earn money unless you become a popular celebrities. But, YOUTUBE makes you a celebrity. So that's a main difference between these. Today i am going to tell you about MUST HAVE apps to edit and present the videos on YOUTUBE. Lets get started!


I) LEGEND- This app will let you to make animations of the words what you have written. It contain various types of presentation and will never disappoint you. These is no advertisement present in this app and you can work in it without any problems. Also its not buggy like many other apps. legend apps To download, click here- LEGEND.

II) ANIMATOR by PICSART- Love at first sight! No. I am not here to describe romance. I am
talking this app. You will fall in love after using this app for the first time only. This app is developed so beautifully that you will never feel less than a true animator. Oh! The name 'animator' reminded me of one app named "Animatron", but I will suggest not to use that as it is very buggy and will not satisfy you. 
animator To download, click here- ANIMATOR.

III) TIMBRE: CUT, JOIN, CONVERT- This app is helpful for editing the audios. See, many YOUTUBERS record their audio after recording the video. So in this case, if you don't have AUDACITY app in your desktop, then this app is a must have apps on your smartphone. It is very light app and does not lag too. It has very nice, simple and user friendly interface. If you want to convert videos to GIFs, then this app will also do that for you. What more you want in this light app.timbre To download, click here- TIMBRE.

IV) SNAPSEED- This app from Google is the best for editing photos and making thumbnail for YOUTUBE videos. This app is very fast and very well optimised since it is developed by Google for Android. It has many tools, such as adjusting brightness, contrast, many fonts styles, tonal contrast, lens blur,frames, double exposure and many more. One suggestion for you that don't go with PicsArt photo editor because even if gives you a lot of features, but it becomes laggy after sometime of use. So I personally don't recommend it.
google snapseed To download, click here- SNAPSEED.

V) MUSIC MAKER JAM- All of us like music in video. And that's why many YOUTUBERS use music in their video so that their audience can connect to their videos easily. As YOUTUBE always does strikes against every copied videos posted on YOUTUBE. So to get rid of these kind of copyright issues, you can create your own music by this app. It works flawlessly, and is easy to To download, click here- MUSIC MAKER

So these are the apps that will definitely help you in making good videos and will get you more likes and subscribers on YOUTUBE. So for what are you waiting for,go and get that apps and become a YOUTUBE star. 
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Note:- The above links are for GOOGLE PLAY STORE. If you are using ios, then download them by clicking the names of the apps given below. However, all the apps are not present on Windows store, so I can't provide links here. Check it-

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