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Friday, 24 November 2017


A month ago, APPLE launched IPHONE X and just after few days of its release, IPHONE X start producing many issues. 


The first issues which came to limelight was the green line of death, which means that the green line starts to appear on the screen. It appeared near the corner of the screen or in the middle of the screen. It make the IPHONE X display looks ugly. As IPHONE X display is one the best display in the market, but that green line force people to hate it.iphone x screen Green line on the display!

Now coming to the second issue. A few days later after the issue when the green line appeared on the IPHONE X, it was reported that the screen touch on IPHONE X is not responding. As claimed by APPLE, the display on the IPHONE X was tested in very extreme conditions and must work in these extreme conditions. But according to the reports, the screen stopped working in the cold conditions. I am 110% sure that after purchasing a $1000 smartphone, a user must wanted it to last too long and of course, these smartphones are expected to be the most durable. But..... the story always changes at the last. APPLE have to look after these issues.

Wait! Wait! Wait!

These issues are not over yet. One more problems are there.
After a week of IPHONE X release, we did a drop test of IPHONE X and found that it is too weak and have very less durability. If you don't believe on our outcomes, you can search Google for this drop test and you will find the same result. I think that IPHONE X is the weakest phone of 2017. Yes, we have to admit it that IPHONE X back glass is very strong but its front glass is not worth paying $1000.
iphone x


According to reports, the IPHONE X charger get damaged due to fluctuation in the voltage. As now a days, the modern smartphones charger are made in such a way that they can tolerate the fluctuation of voltage to a normal day limit, i.e 100V to 240V. Also one point to notice that IPHONE X supports fast charging, so the charger should be made to tolerate such fluctuations and current flow. As per the study,  at higher charging currents charger heat up rapidly and operating at higher temperatures decreases the life of battery drastically. So high current rated charges damage batteries, and they wont affect electronics in your mobile phone. Also the chargers recommended for a mobile phone should not be used for other phones. I am talking about these because of the case that happened with IPHONE 8. Few months earlier, the IPHONE 8 display panel started to bulge out of the circuit board because of the swelling in the battery, which resulted in improper touch response of the screen.iphone 8

This talk is not about how to fix these issues because these issues can't be fixed by an owner of a device. These are the issues which can only be fixed by tech giant APPLE. They must improvise these things and should try to bring the best in their next year flagships. Hope APPLE will resolve these issues so that the story of IPHONE X will not be repeated and will bring the best of them in 2018.

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