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Tuesday, 28 November 2017


Since our childhood we had been thought about computer, CPU, GPU, RAM, ROM and many other components. As we all grew up, we found those lessons a bit boring. Everyone among us use smartphones which have hardware and software. Be it multimedia, simple features phone, Android OS based phones, IOS based phones or Windows phones; we all became too much familiar to the smartphones. Now as the generation keeps on changing, the evolution in the technology is very obvious. Earlier we all were addicted to the keypad mobile phones and never thought of screen touch mobile phones. Then there arrived Steve Jobs with first Iphone 3G and given the world a revolutionary Iphone devices (though Iphone is not too good now as it was used to be). I am not giving an example of Iphone because it was the first screen touch phone that arrived in the international market but because IPHONEs are one of the best example of how a SOFTWARE AND HARDWARE be a BEST FRIENDS. Lets get started!


Now a days, people want a fast, reliable, dependable, durable and most importantly a long lasting software on which every smartphones run. I think that the most important factor for any device to run for long duration of time is its hardware and software. We all know that Microsft's MDOS/MIDAS is the first operating system launched in the market. After then Windows arrived, and the revolution in the COMPUTER's OS started. Since the release of WINDOWS, users were not able to experience multitasking as MDOS was single tasking OS. But after WINDOWS multitasking became possible. WINDOWS were considered to be the best OS available in the market at that time. But even after being the best in the market, the computers which used to run on WINDOWS, were lagging at that time. These problems occurred because of the unavailability of better hardware which the software required. The processor, CPU and GPU which was present at that time were not that much powerful which can make the WINDOWS a smooth OS to use. But one of the main reason was the skin and hardware which can  cooperate with the OS. As WINDOWS was the OS for all, so many other companies used that OS in their computers and it is next to impossible for MICROSOFT to look after each and every computers present in the market and that too by different companies. So due to the complete different hardware, software and bad cooperation, the WINDOWS failed to give a butter smooth user experience. But now the technology has changed a lot and even after not being a product of MICROSOFT, a computer can give us a very smooth experience.


As stated above, arrival of Steve Jobs with IPHONEs changed the whole world. The main factor about the IPHONEs or IOS was the optimization. IOS never suffered any lagging issues because of its manufacturers and suppliers. The manufacturers and suppliers of the IOS is Apple. So it is obvious that APPLE must have designed their mobile phones and processor(hardware) to run on IOS . This is known as so called OPTIMIZATION. The IOS is so well optimized that it can never lag in launching any of the applications. Also the processor which APPLE uses in their flagship is one of the fastest processor in the market or probably the fastest available in the market. In the previous year, Apple used A10 processor in the IPHONE 7 and IPHONE 7 PLUS. APPLE also use IOS in their MacBook, and let user to experience a best gaming experience with a quality applications available on Apple app store. There's nothing more to explain about IOS.

Lets move to ANDROID!


android (ANDROID Bot seems aggressive :D)

Like WINDOWS, ANDROID also faced same problems in the very beggining. After IOS, ANDROID arrived in the market and became everyone's favorite because of easiness, customization and freedom which it offers to its users. However, the lagging issues were same for ANDROID as there were in WINDOWS. Being an OSS (Open Source Software), ANDROID can be installed in any device. Many manufacturers who are not even a registered company, can download ANDROID in their mobiles. So it is impossible for GOOGLE to look after those small manufacturers. The skin (UI) is totally different for each companies. For example, take SAMSUNG, LG, MI and many other companies which use their own UI and so GOOGLE can't optimise their software for each and every phone. But in these modern day technology, the processors which are manufactured by SAMSUNG, SNAPDRAGON are very well processed to run all the applications. For instance, we can see GALAXY NOTE 8 vs IPHONE X, where we can see that GALAXY NOTE 8 easily defeated IPHONE X. In spite of well optimization, the IOS lost against ANDROID. This proves that optimization is king but processor and clocking speed also matters the same.

These all conclude that YES! Hardware and Software are Best Friends.
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