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Friday, 10 November 2017


In september, Apple launched their three smartphones, iphone 8, iphone 8, iphone X with the fastest and most powerful processor ever, A11 BIONIC chip. As claimed by Apple, A11 BIONIC chip is the most powerful chip ever produced for any smartphone. On the other hand, SNAPDRAGON 835 also has the same structure as A11 BIONIC has. The difference is their cores, while A11 BIONIC is a hexa core processor, on the other hand, SNAPDRAGON 835 is an octa-core processor. But the question arises- Is A11 BIONIC is really most powerful chip? Is it more powerful than SNAPDRAGON 835? Lets find out!

WHAT IS A11 BIONIC CHIP?a11 bionic chip

The A11 BIONIC is a 64-bit ARM-based system on a chip, which is designed by Apple and manufactured by TSMC. Iphone 8, Iphone 8+ and Iphone X is the first phone to have this chip. It has two high performance cores which are 25% faster than the A10 fusion chip and have four high efficiency cores which are 70% faster than the efficient cores on A10 fusion chip. It is a hexa core processor with minimum feature size of 10nano meter and have maximum clocking rate 2.39 GHz. With out going in very detail, let us talk about SNAPDRAGON 835.


The SNAPDRAGON 835 is a 10 nm structure based chip, which is designed and manufactured by Qualcomn. SNAPDRAGON 835 is first processor with 10nm structure by Qualcomn. It is extremely smaller with 3 billion transistors which is 1 billion less than A11 BIONIC chip. It is powered by Qualcomn to provide power efficiency and speed to the smartphones. SNAPDRAGON 835 clocking rate is 2.45GHz, which is faster than A11 BIONIC chip. Lets compare them!qualcomn snapdragon


If we consider the on page specifications, we will observe that SNAPDRAGON 835 is a bit faster than A11 BIONIC chip. But in real life use or day to day use, A11 BIONIC chip is very much powerful and power efficient than SNAPDRAGON 835. So how the SNAPDRAGON 835 defeated by A11 BIONIC chip?

We all know that Apple is a manufacturer of iPhones, they are the designers, they control operating system of iPhones which means that in case of iPhones hardwares and softwares are controlled by Apple itself. The optimisation of all the apps on iPhones are too good. All the updates related to software are provided to each and every iPhones at the same time. So there is not a single functionality which can affect iPhones performance or slow down their speed, which is the main reason for the highest benchmark score of all iPhones. This is the reason why A11 BIONIC chip is the most powerful chip on any smartphones. We should appreciate apple for producing A11 BIONIC chip.

Now coming to SNAPDRAGON 835 which is widely used in Android smartphones. As in the case of android smartphones, the hardwares are designed by other companies and the softwares are programmed by Google. So the combination between hardware and software is not that much perfect like iphones. Also android is an open source software which leads to slow down of many smartphones because of malwares coming from internet or other unsecure sources. This affect the overall performance of the devices and hence the device slows down. It has been clearly stated that if SNAPDRAGON 835 will be used with the device with same types of optimisation like iphones have, it will score more benchmarks score than A11 BIONIC chip. In the benchmark test, A11 BIONIC chip scored 4204 score for single core and 10165 score for multi core while SNAPDRAGON 835 scored 1965 for single core and 6481 for multicore. This shows the affect of optimisation on the performance of the devices.

So the conclusion here is- A11 BIONIC is not the most powerful chip by structure, its the apps optimisation and operating system what makes A11 BIONIC chip, the most powerful chip to perform for the smartphone. Both the A11 BIONIC and SNAPDRAGON 835 have almost same structure. In fact, SNAPDRAGON 835 is an octa-core processor while A11 BIONIC chip is a hexa-core processor. This shows that only structure of the chipset is not responsible for speed. 

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