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Friday, 20 October 2017


Can we travel in time? Can we go to our future? Can we travel 3-4 billion light years in just a while? These are the questions we are always curious about and on asking these questions to anyone we get a reply "Yes! We can travel in time through Wormholes." We get our answers easily just in one line, but the main question arises is WHAT IS WORMHOLES?


In simple words, Wormholes is a theoretical passage through space and time. This passage was predicted by the theory of general relativity. Negative energy is involved in Wormholes. But what is Negative Energy?
 In physics, we use a term 'Negative Energy' to explain the nature of certain fields, including the gravitational field and various quantum field effects. For example, the gravitational potential energy which keeps two pieces of matter in contact with one another must be negative since it takes positive energy to pull them apart. Here, Negative energy is used to gravitational potential energy. In 1948, Hendrik Casimir proposed an experiment which could show the effects produced by negative energy. He said that if the effects of gravity and electromagnetism were nullified, a nearly pure vacuum would be created within which, the effects of negative energy would show in an observable manner in the form of Casimir Effect. In many theories, negative energy 'E' is involved in wormholes which allows time travel and warp drives for faster than the speed of light (when light travels in space). Also, in the Euclidean or flat Universe model, the total amount of energy in the Universe is exactly '0', i.e. amount of positive and negative energy are exactly cancelled out by its negative energy in the from of gravity.


Wormhole created in lab makes invisible magnetic field. Does this mean that we can wormholes by strong magnetic field? No! This isn't as easy as it looks like. As far as study is concerned, it can't be created by strong magnetic field.
Ripped from science fiction novel, physicists have crafted a wormhole that tunnels a magnetic field through space. Scientists believe that it can be possible. But, to make it possible we have to increase span of wormholes, which is currently less than 1/10th of a second (approx). This means it will require too much negative energy as compared to what we have at present. As we know, gravitational force possess negative energy but this does not led to us the conclusion that after creating wormhole there will be immense gravitational pull inside it. Or does it?


As discussed above, gravitational force possess negative energy and we need too much negative energy to form wormholes which means that wormholes will have too much of gravitational pull as that of Black holes. But is that true? Wormholes and Black Holes are really similar?
No. Wormholes and Black holes are two different holes. Wormholes are just a part of theoretical physics and does not exist naturally in real world. Now coming to Black holes. Black holes are the region of space having intense gravitational field so that no matter can escape. Black holes distort the space time due to its high density and high mass. The distortion created by Black holes is so high that it slows down the time and joins two distant places. This can be understand by a simple consideration. Consider a long plastic sheet as space time and a heavy base ball as Black hole. As we put that heavy base ball (Black hole) on the plastic sheet (space time), there will be distortion on the plastic sheet due to the heavy mass and intense density ( as compared to the plastic sheet) of a heavy base ball.
(In the photo, Earth has been taken as a heavy ball.)

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