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Saturday, 28 October 2017


Its been a long time since we are studying about Universe. From our childhood, we had been taught of our space. I can bet that many of us were considered our solar system as the only Universe. As a children, we always thought that nothing exists more than the Earth and our solar system. As we all grew up, we came to know other facts about Universe!


Universe is nothing but a vacant space with matter in it. About 15 billion years ago, Big Bang occured and all things started from there. As Universe started to expand after the Big Bang, there was nothing that exists before Big Bang. Even time at the time of Big Bang was 0. This means that before Big Bang everything which exists were existed in the negative period of time. This sounds strange😨. But concept of negative time exists and it is not very clear yet. So we can not make any conclusion right now. As we know, space is a 3rd dimension which consists only three dimensions. As three dimensions were not enough to understand the existence of space completely. So we consider time as a 4th dimension. By considering time as fourth dimension, we came to know about the starting period of the Big Bang and also the matter present in the Universe. Universe is basically made up of dark matter. It is made up of 96% dark matter. Dark matter can not be detected and it also consists of dark energy. These two components results in the expansion of the Universe. Physicists are not able to understand this mystery. Almost after every 100 years, Super Nova explosion occurs in the galaxy. The amount and intensity of light during the explosion is too much. It is almost 10 billion times more intense than the intensity of light of sun. Its huge!! This supernova explosion led to the formation of stars. Every second in the Universe, there occurs a Super Nova explosion resulting in the formation of millions of stars.


Every now and then, a question arises in our mind- When will Universe stop its expansion? When will we reach to the edge of the Universe?
The answer to this is very complicated. First of all let me talk about critical density. Critical density is that value at which Universe is at balance and the expansion is stopped. The value of critical density is 10^-26 kg/per cubic meter, which means 10 hydrogen atoms per cubic metsr. Scientists believed that if the density of the Universe is smaller than the critical density, then the explosion will continue to happen and Universe will continue to expand but if the density of the Universe is greater than the critical density, then Universe will stop expanding and collapse at some point and again the time will become zero. This means that everything in the Universe will be stopped when the matter present in this Universe will reach at that point. Everything will merge in one point. Universe will arrive at the stage when Big Bang started. We are not 100% sure yet whether the density of the Universe is smaller than the critical density or greater than the critical density. It is a very complicated calculation. It will take time. Everything happening in this Universe is a cycle and some natural power is controlling it. We have to respect it. I personally admire it.
Hope you enjoyed the mystery of the Universe!
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