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Thursday, 5 October 2017


Hi everyone!
Today we will talk about the 'IMPOSSIBLE' things that can happen on other Planets..
So let start!
Strange! Right?
It is possible. A planet named KEPLER 16b have two stars as its sun resulting in the formation of 2shadow. If we will travel to that planet, ofcourse we will be evaporated within a second but provided a suit to travel to that planet will be an amazing experience and our shadow will get a company.
Well after hearing 'WATER' you all were thinking that WATER is common in our planet, so what is strange here.
The strange thing here is a planet which is covered with water only. GJ1214-b is a planet discovered by scientists. It is covered with water only. Water consists of 10% of total mass of GJ1214-b whereas water consists of 0.05% of Earth's total mass. The oceans(water bodies) are 10times deeper than Earth, i.e 110km is the deepest point on GJ1214-b as compared to Earth's 11km. The pressure under ocean is so intense that water is transformed into an ice, which is known as ICE-7. ICE-7 is not a normal ice which we use on Earth.
We all know that weather on Earth is very important factor for life and Earth is the only place to have suitable weather. So lets discuss about the weather on other planets which is too much different from Earth.
COROT-7b, a planet where rain occurs but in the form of rocks. Is'nt it strange that rocks fall from the sky? But its true. This happens because of the planet's atmospheric and temperature condition. The planet side facing towards the sun experiences a temperature of about 2600 degree centigrade while the side facing opposite from the sun experiences a temperature of 177 degree centigrade. Hence, the evaporated magma gas which falls as a rain becomes cold and get transformed as rocks.
HD189773-b, a planet whose atmosphere is made up of Silicate particle. This planet is situated at 63 light years away from our planet. The strange factor about this planet is its wind storm. The wind travels here at upto 5400mph (~2km/sec.), which is 7 times the speed of sound. The temperature on this planet is 930 degree centigrade. More information has not been gathered about this planet, but curiosity about this planet is too much among the scientist.
Another planet of same weather condition is, HD189733-b. This planet also experience two types of temperature as COROT-7b. The side which faces towards the sun experience a temperature of 966 degree centigrade whereas the side opposite to the sun experience 688 degree centigrade. The wind blown on this planet can reach upto 2200mph (~10km/sec.), which is 10 times the speed of light.
So these are the impossible things that can not be happen on EARTH. I think we are lucky enough to get a life on Earth else we could have been trapped in a serious trouble.
Be updated!.. cheers! Good bye.

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