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Thursday, 5 October 2017


Hello there!
Now we are going to discuss about one of the most mysterious matter in the UNIVERSE- BLACK HOLE.
Black Hole, the name alone can describe the matter. Anything can be a Black Hole if it is crushed into a small space, which is known as Schwarzchild Radius. In fact, we can transform ourselves into a Black Hole. Strange! Right? Well let me know you how! We just have to find a way to condense an area of our body into 1sextillion (10^21) times smaller than a grain of sand. This looks very crazy though! Let us take another example to get a vision about the enormous energy of BLACK HOLE.
Consider a Boeing Jet777 of mass 350,678kg. To convert it into a Black Hole we need to crush it down to radius of 3.386^(-22) m, which means smaller than Hydrogen atom (which is 10^-11m). Obviously it will an enormous amount of energy but the sad fact about it is that it will not last long. It will be evaporated within a second as the energy stored in such a small area will create a tremendous amount of heat. The amount of energy that will be created after converting Boeing Jet777 into Black Hole will be equal to 5million megatons of TNT or we can say 87,000 times more power than Tsar Bomb, which generates 57 megatons of TNT. Also Tsar Bomb is the most powerful nuclear bomb humanity has ever made. Now let us convert natural matter into a Black Hole. For example, Mt. Everest. Mt. Everest should be crushed into a space of smaller than 1nanometer to be a Black Hole. Finally, let us try it on our planet Earth. To convert Earth into a Black Hole, we need to convert into a size of 1US Cent, that means all the things on Earth that we love, hate, criticise, etc. have to be compressed into a coin. But the strange fact is that our satellite MOON will continue to orbit around it as if nothing has happened because mass of the Earth will remain the same.
This is all for now. Hope you liked it.
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