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Wednesday, 11 October 2017


Hi Everyone!
Its been a long time to share information. Today we are going to talk DARK ENERGY AND DARK MATTER.
Whenever we hear the DARK, we start thinking about BLACK, (the color which I'm using in my font)! That's not funny enough. Let us come to topic. We all know DARK means BLACK and so is the matter made up of it. Its quite clear from the word that DARK ENERGY is the energy which we can not see. Coming to its history.


In 1990, we only knew that Universe is expanding with the speed more than 3,00,000km/sec. (more than the speed of light). Scientists in the 90's gave two conclusions.

1. Universe has enough ENERGY DENSITY that at the end of its life it will merge into a point.

2. Universe has so much less ENERGY DENSITY that it will continue to expand till eternity.

Now, you must be thinking that what ENERGY DENSITY? Let me clear it. Energy Density is the amount of energy stored in a given system or region of space per unit volume. It is obvious from the definition that more energy will lead the Universe to less expansion and vice-versa. But, this Universe is not what we derives in our theory. Scientists concluded that Gravitational Force will slow down the speed of rate of expansion of the Universe but it is contradicting their conclusion and expanding at the speed more than speed of light. They concluded so because they thought that Universe is made up of normal matter which exists in our real world. But they were wrong.


In 1998, Hubble Telescope captured a Supernova photos, which concluded that Universe expansion rate was slow in the past than its expansion rate at present which means speed is increasing. This contradicted the theory given by physicists earlier. This result shocked the scientists as this was not according to their expectations. To solve the mystery of the results they came to know by the photos sent by the Hubble Telescope, they considered of an energy which they were expecting to be available in the vacant space, and named it DARK ENERGY. According to scientists, Dark Energy is present everywhere. It can not be measured or tested. Scientists also concluded that in this Universe, something is happening everywhere every second. Earlier, Einstein also concluded that everywhere in the Universe, there exists a vacant space. And also that this vacant space will increase with time, which means that expansion of vacant space is directly proportional to time. From Einstein's statement it can be easily understood that the expansion of vacant space will stop only when time will stop. As time will never stop, which means that Universe will continue to expand and will never stop. Dark Energy can not be observed because it exists in those matter which takes birth by itself and destroy itself. These type of matter exists only for few fractions of seconds, due to which it can not be observed by our telescope. Many physicists tried to calculated the value of Dark Energy, but the value they got in their calculation was 10^120 times the real value of Dark Energy. This error was very high and can not be neglected. For all the physicists it is still a mystery. Due to this much error in the practically calculated result, Einstein theory of gravity can be considered as wrong. But, we cant say Einstein theory of relativity is wrong because due to this theory, we understood the heavenly bodies present in the Universe and practically we found it right. So, at present, in these types of complex situation, imagination of new theory which can define the existence of Dark Energy without contradiction of Einstein theory of Gravity is something, we are not capable of!
Thats all for now.
Hope u enjoyed it. Cheers..
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