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Friday, 6 October 2017


Hi Everyone!.
Previously we talked about the BLACK HOLES. As we discussed that Black Holes can be made by crushing big matter into a smaller one but with same mass. But that was just used as an example. That examples were theoretical and is not possible in real world. Now we will look into a natural or real world BLACK HOLES.


BLACK HOLE, named XTE J1650-500 (BH) is the smallest Black Hole ever discovered by humans. It has radius of just about 12km and have mass of 5-10suns combined. This is huge! Right?.
Well no!.. there are still more to come.

GCIRS-13E, a black hole which is kept in the group of INTERMEDIATE CLASS, is roughly equal to the continent of Europe and have mass of 1300 suns combined. This is what we call enormous. But, wait! The monster is yet to come.

HCX-1- This BLACK HOLE is also kept in the group of INTERMEDIATE CLASS, and have a radius of about 295,300 km, which means that 4 Jupiters can be placed side by side. HCX-1 have a mass equal to 100,000 sun combined! It is giant.

Another BLACK HOLE, Sagittarius, situated in the MILKY WAY GALAXY is kept in the group of SUPERMASSIVE CLASS. Sagittarius have a mass equal to 14,300,000 suns combined and has a radius of 12,700,000 km, which is the 50% of the distance between Earth and Venus! This Black Hole is too huge as compared to the previous two.

Lastly, a BLACK HOLE, S50014 + 81, is the largest known BLACK HOLE discovered by us. This Black Hole is also known as the "Destroyer of Worlds". This Black Hole is kept in the group of ULTRAMASSIVE CLASS. It has radius of 1600AU, which is 1600 times the distance between the sun and Earth. This Black Hole has not been observed till now, but it is believed that it can destroy anything that will come in its way. Another interesting fact about this Black Hole is that it has a mass of about 16 Billion suns combined. This is what we call monstrous. For the fact, let me tell that S50014 + 81 has mass of 1,566,068,977,897,877,185,233,126,961 Maruti Swift. It is the quantity which human will think to infinite times before manufacturing this much quantity of cars!
So thats all for now.
Be updated!..
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